The Dr Helen Mary Wilson Award for Health
Clare shepherd
Gemma Haynes
Mary Freeman
The Elizabeth Parkin Award for Entrepreneurship
Tara and Bridgit Ingle
Joanna Dawson
Kathryn Caterer
Michelle Cooper
The Helen Sharman Award for Science
Kathryn Boulton-Pratt
Lee Caroline Kenny
Ruth Amos
The Barbara Wragg Award for Charity
Julie Pickering
Margaret Tate
Michelle Osborne
The Dorrett Buckly-Greaves MBE Award for Community
Annalisa Toccara
Bobbie Walker
Rita Howson
Sahira Irshad
Vanessa Langley-Graus
The Kathleen Roberts Award for Grit
Betty Andrews
Paulina Francis
Sue Curr
The Pam Liversidge OBE Award for Engineering
Dr Claire Corkhill
Elizabeth Jane Cross
Hemanshi Galaiya
The Jessica Ennis-Hill Award for Sport
Katie Salt
Megan Abel
Vanessa Ellis
The Marti Caine Award for Entertainment
To be announced
The Mary Ann Rawson Award for Education
Michelle Taylor
Rachel Smith
Dr Sharon Curtis
The Sarah Nulty Award for Creativity
Kat Harbourne
Kathryn Caterer
Maria de Souza
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