I don’t know what to include in my entry?

Take a step back, and start at the very beginning – with the basics – when and why? Don’t be vague, perhaps ask others to help.

How do I know if I qualify to enter?

As long as you are a female and live or work in Sheffield you qualify to enter

Can I enter more than 1 award?

Yes, you are welcome to enter more than one category if you feel they are applicable, however please ensure that you provide the relevant information for the criteria of each question rather than repeating your information for each category.

Can I supply supporting material with my entry?

Yes. If you would like to supply any testimonials, images or additional information that would support your entry, then please email these to haroldine.lockwood@jpidmedia.co.uk – with the subject header: IWOS Supporting Evidence. This needs to be supplied by the closing date of 5th April

I’m having trouble submitting my entry online, how can I enter?

If you are having trouble submitting online then please email haroldine.lockwood@jpimedia.co.uk to ask for assistance.

Will the information I supply be made public?

Any information supplied will be used in the judging process. Should you be shortlisted, some information may be included in the script on the night however if there is any particularly sensitive or confidential information within your entry please mention this in the entry.

When is the closing date for entries?

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 5th April at 6pm.

When will the finalists be announced?

The finalists will be announced in print and online no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

How can I keep up to date?

To keep up to date with the awards, please register to receive updates via the form below.

How can I become a sponsor?

To enquire about becoming a sponsor of the event please contact event manager Haroldine Lockwood via email haroldine.lockwood@jpimedia.co.uk